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In general, cockroaches is a beetlelike insect with long antennae and legs, feeding by scavenging. Several tropical species have become established worldwide as pests in homes and food service establishments. Cockroaches also pose a serious health risk, carrying diseases like salmonella and triggering allergic reactions in some individuals.

Sign Of Infestation


Cockroach droppings vary in size and shape can be found in kitchen cabinets or along the walls.


Cockroaches develop from a nymph to an adult, they shed their skin, or molt in a dark place.

Egg Cases

When female cockroaches produce eggs, they are contained inside a capsule (ootheca). Some species stick the ootheca behind picture frame or drop the ootheca in a dark place


Cockroaches produce pheromones which have a distinctive odor from glands on their bodies. Pest Controller can recognize the smell of cockroaches when there are a lot of them in certain area such as bathroom or kitchen.

Living Cockroaches

Cockroaches running around especially at kitchen and bathrooms. They may run around looking for food, water, and shelter. Seeing live cockroaches in the daytime mean that they could not find food at night and they are still foraging in the daytime. However, it can mean that they are overcrowded.


  • As soon as possible once you notice cockroaches presence . It can become worst if leave it untreated as the population increase too fast.
  • For maintenance purpose


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