BETARAY Cekap Sdn Bhd is a team of professionals with collective years of experience in pest control and hygiene management services with strong dedication and commitment to provide effective solutions to your special needs. We cater for our customer’s needs and take responsibility to meet your expectations. We are here to provide you constant updated information and friendly services.

Betaray Pest Control is set up for the task of URBAN PEST CONTROL

  • Use integrated Pest Management System that uses minimal pesticide.
  • Improve sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Improve storage system

Why us?

Free Inspection

Upon request or inquiry, we will come and assess the place and comes up with proposal and quotation

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Experienced and
licenced Technician

Our technician will undergo in house training and will be sent to sit for exams PAL/APAL from time to time

Registered with Authority
and member of PCAM

Registered with Departmenr of Agriculture/Pesticide Board. Member with Pest Control Association of Malaysia since 1999.

Registered Chemical Used

We only use approved and registered chemicals

Customize Solution

We only use customize solutions for specific pest

Reporting provided

We will provide a report detailing the work for every services done.

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After Sales Service

We will attend to our customer in less than 24 hours upon sales or confirmation of job. We will attend to our customer as soon as possible upon any query regard the work done.



Home Sweet Home. Your Home is a place where you can relax and enjoy every precious moment with your loved ones after a hard day work.Unfortunately, uninvited guests like pests may also make your home, theirs and become a nuisance to your family and caused unpleasant environment.It is important to upkeep and maintain your household against pests such as cockroaches, ants,termites, and rats from damage to your home and important belongings.


Striving towards developed status , everyone is looking forward to a good health and pleasant environment. It is important to emphasize the highest standards hygience management possible regardless which industry it is. Nuisance Pests found in any building or premises will affect your product, business reputation and caused financial losses.





Bed bugs

Dog Ticks

Cat Fleas

Wood Borers

Bee, Wasp, and Hornet


Our Credentials